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Here are the possible consequences of carrying a knife

You have a false sense of security
You kill someone
You injure someone
You attract trouble and get stabbed yourself
You get arrested for carrying a knife
You end up with a criminal record
You end up in prison

Did you know?

If you know someone who carries a knife you can send a text with their name and school and location to crimestoppers' text 88551.

It is illegal for anyone to carry a knife without lawful authority or reasonable excuse.

You could influence your friends by not carrying a knife and in turn make the streets safer.

It is illegal for anyone to carry a knife as a weapon. You could face 4 years in prison.

Carrying a knife will mean you will be arrested and end up with a criminal record that could affect your whole life, future job prospects, going to college or university and travelling aboard.

One in three knife related injuries are caused by the victim's own knife.

Essex doesn't have the knife crime figures seen in other area. Since June 2008 the number of people being found carrying a bladed weapon in Essex has reduced from 63 to 44 in November.

Essex Police has 19 safety archways and 80 wands which can detect whether people are carrying a knife. These are being used in a number of operations across the county as well as being taken out and demonstrated to the community.

Essex Police is working with Trading Standards to make retailers aware that it is an offence to sell a knives and blades. The penalty for the offences is a fine of up to £5,000 and/or six months' imprisonment.

You can die from just one stab wound.

Most knives carry invisible bacteria. If you are stabbed this bacteria can get into the wound and cause infection which if left untreated can spread around the body and can kill you.

Up to six metres of intestine can come out of a stab wound the size of your thumb. Exposed to the air, the intestine will dry up and may need cutting off, resulting in the need for a colostomy bag.


Together we can cut knife crime

FactEssex is a safe county and doesn't have the knife crime problem seen in other areas of the UK.

Give us your viewsWhat do you think about knife crime? We've all seen the news and heard the stories but we want to know your views about knife crime. Please be honest - this will help us understand more about knife crime in Essex.dead person with feet sticking out of a white sheet.  Label tied to toe says 'stabbed'

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