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What do you think about knife crime? We've all seen the news and heard the stories but we want to know your views about knife crime. Please be honest - this will help us understand more about knife crime in Essex.

About you
What town do you live in (or closest to)?
Have you ever been a victim of a knife attack?
Your views on knife crime
Do you think knife carrying is a problem in Essex?
In the past twelve months:
What do you think makes some young people carry knives?
What do you think is the best way to stop young people carrying knives (and other weapons)?

Together we can cut knife crime

FactGet caught carrying a knife and you'll be arrested; you'll have to explain to the police why you were carrying it andif you can't provide a good enough reason, you'll be prosecuted. The maximum sentence for carrying a knife is 4 years in prison.

FactEssex is a safe county and doesn't have the knife crime problem seen in other areas of the UK.

dead person with feet sticking out of a white sheet.  Label tied to toe says 'stabbed'

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