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Essex Police look forward to sharing the Halloween celebrations with you.

Screen example from the animated halloween screensaver

We want to make sure you enjoy the time of year whilst staying safe and ensure it is enjoyed by all whether you are participating in the celebrations or not.

Have a look through these pages for some great tips and posters to download.

This video shows how scary Halloween can be. Imagine if it were you this Halloween?

make a mask

Watch our animations

Colouring sheets

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Advice to Trick or Treaters

That time of year is here again and its time to have fun, dress up and carve the pumpkin.

Have a look at the website for how to stay.

Don't forget to make sure you stay with adults and don't go into any houses.

Essex Police will be out making sure everyone has a good time without crossing the line, so be sure not to upset your neighbours by behaving badly.

If you see a sign for no trick or treaters, don't knock on the door.

  tips poster - click to download PDF  

Advice to Householders

Essex Police have created a poster if you do not want to be disturbed on Halloween. Please feel free to download the poster and display it.

Sgt Frost says:-

"Essex Police will have extra patrols out and about over this period. We are keen to ensure that Halloween remains fun, whilst keeping people safe and we will be dealing with any antisocial incidents that may occur"

For those of you that have children, there are some good safety tips that can be found on the poster titled "are you a 2smart trick or treater" which can be found to the right of this advice. Please ensure you and your children are aware of the safety messages.

If you do experience any antisocial behaviour then please contact the Police.

  Sorry - no trick or treaters - click to download PDF  

Advice to Shopkeepers

Shopkeepers are asked to use their common sense when selling eggs or flour to young people.

Essex Police have created a poster that can be downloaded to assist with you with this (on the right hand side of this page). Please feel free to print it off and display it.

Schools have been visited by local officers to talk to young people about having fun at Halloween whilst staying safe and staying out of trouble.

  Flour and Eggs Poster - click to download PDF